The name's Kathy Zhao. 22 years of age. A Designer and Photographer. Based in Sydney and Beijing. I write about anything and everything.

Final Days In Seoul

Our final days in Seoul consisted eating, last minute shopping, eating more and spending time with Kevin and co. It was a nice way to end our trip. A few days before we left, we headed back to Sinchon to have dinner with Kevin, Ryan, Khoua and Pamela (along with Pamela’s friend from Singapore and another girl from Yonsei).

I just realized I took some rather odd candid photos of these people. Sorry Ryan!
Also after 2 weeks of deciding whether or not to buy, I bought the Pororo iPhone case (which I’m still using)

Our last night consisted of eating a lot and drinking a lot. Kevin thought he’d try and get me drunk (which is impossible) the night before we flew to Hong Kong.

We had dinner around 8pm and then headed to Barfly, Kevin had offered to buy us (Khoua and myself) shots of tequila (we ended up with 6 shots of tequila in the span of 30 mins). After about an hour there we headed to western style bar called Yaletown and ordered curly fries and a lot beer, Ryan watched american football game on tv and Stephen ate.

We headed again to another bar (Mike’s Cabin) as Kevin was failing to get me drunk (unfortunately for Khoua who was already tipsy). Khoua suddenly had a craving for Soju decided we’d go out to the closest Family Mart and go buy some but being tipsy and not wanting to get drunk we decided to order some fried chicken as well.

Final memories of Korea consisted of Kevin, Ryan and Stephen coming out to look for Khoua and myself to only find us sitting in the middle of an alleyway at 2am in the morning with a bottle of Soju and eating a box of fried chicken.


A part of traveling is experiencing different sorts of food. So here’s a post about food.

This whole meal cost me ₩14,000 (Roughly $12AUD) I would have had to pay at least over $25AUD here in Sydney
Spiciest 덖볶이 (Ddukbokki / Spicy Rice Cake) EVER

Beef Stew (as mentioned in a previous post)

Hope that made you all very hungry